Friday, May 6, 2022

Nicholas G. Schlegel: German Popular Cinema and the Rialto Krimi Phenomenon

Nicholas G. Schlegel, Krimi, Edgar Wallace, Rialto
Just finished reading Nicholas G. Schlegel's new book German Popular Cinema and the Rialto Krimi Phenomenon, the first full length English language book dedicated to the 32 films that make up the Rialto Edgar Wallace series.

A proper review will be published elsewhere (and then also announced here) but in short: This is a quintessential book for anyone even remotely interested in those films. It's an academic publication but in no way a dry read. The only drawback is its price which will be unaffordable for most but if you can make do without a few meals to pick up the required shekels to purchase this, do. Else, see if you could at least possibly get a loan of it from a public or university library.


  1. I'm about halfway through this book. It strikes just the right balance. Academic, but not too academic. What I like most is the author's obvious and genuine enthusiasm. He's an academic but he's a fan as well.

    1. Well said!!!! It strikes exactly the right balance. It's well researched and well written. Author is a fan but not a fanboy and an academic without being ponderously so.