Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Many Masks of Dr. Mabuse

So.... just published this little book on Kindle.

 It's a 15.000 word overview over the series of six German Dr. Mabuse movies from the 1960s. It was originally written a few years ago for a fanzine that is now defunct so finally decided to share it with the world this way.

 Mabuse as a character of course became world famous in two classic movies by Fritz Lang, DR. MABUSE, THE GAMBLER (1922) and THE TESTAMENT OF DR. MABUSE (1933). Lesser known is Lang's third Mabuse film, THE THOUSAND EYES OF DR. MABUSE (1960), and this book focuses on this entry as well as the five follow-ups that featured a range of popular German and international actors such as Gert Fröbe, Lex Barker, Wolfgang Preiss, Dawn Addams, Peter van Eyck, Werner Peters, Karin Dor, Klaus Kinski, Senta Berger and many more making these essential viewing for anyone interested in classic German cult movies.

 While those 1960s films continued to be popular in Germany, outside of its country of origin they have remained strangely elusive and are often difficult to obtain. This book aims at making information about these productions available to a wider international audience.

 And at $0.99 this is a steal and available for Kindle as well as for other electronic readers. (Not sure yet if I will bother also making a paperback version available.)