Friday, May 20, 2011

A Visit to Klaus Kinski's birthhouse

How to enjoy a drink in Klaus Kinski's birthhouse in three easy steps:

Step 1:

Watch the German language Kinski documentary Ich bin kein Schauspieler and marvel at the fact that his birthhouse in Sopot (Poland) is now a bar and a gallery. (In order to view the entire documentary you may need to download the Veoh player but the relevant sequences are right at the start of the clip.)

Watch Klaus Kinski - Ich bin kein Schauspieler in Lifestyle  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Step 2:

Find out exactly where the house is located (Tadeusza Kościuszki 10, 81-704 Sopot) and then discover that there are direct flights from Cork to Gdansk which is just down the road from Sopot.

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Step 3 (7 months later):

Arrive at the door of the bar and enjoy a few bevvies.

For the next issue of Mirek Lipinski's LATARNIA magazine I will write a more detailled account of my visit but for the time being enjoy some of the photos I took of it. Incidentally, for LATARNIA I will also seriously expand my previous posts about the Louis Weinert-Wilton movies with additional info on all four productions as well as on the original novels. Very little has been written about these novels in German, practically nothing about them in English so check out more announcements about these articles later this year.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Terror (1938)... and other YouTube Wallace gems

It ain't German but it is a classic British Wallace adaptation. And best of all it is available for free viewing from YouTube who seem to have more and more full length movies available.

The Terror (1938) had previously been filmed twice before and was also going to be adapted twice by Rialto as Der unheimliche Mönch/The Sinister Monk (1965) and Der Mönch mit der Peitsche/The College Girl Murders (1967). The 1938 version downplays the aspect of a mysterious Monk prowling a stately mansion until the very end making this a bit of a wasted opportunity though it is still a very entertaining way to pass 70 minutes of a Sunday afternoon.

And just after passing those 70 minutes I discovered that this is not the only Edgar Wallace movie on YouTube. Also available are The Case of the Frightened Lady (1940) and Sanders of the River (1935) both of which also received German adaptations in the 1960s. I haven't seen any of those two yet but will certainly catch up on them in due time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

El Diabolik's podcast

My feet are currently shwinging along to the German edition of the El Diabolik podcast. Those guys have a wonderful soundtrack related podcast that can be accessed through iTunes here.

What are you waiting for? Few things in life are free but this podcast surely is.