Wednesday, December 1, 2021

New KOMMISSAR X boxset due out soon

Kommissar X, DVD
Sometimes I feel as if my mission in life with this blog is to make everyone aware of all the cool Krimi and German thriller related stuff that is fairly simple to get in the Fatherland but often virtually impossible to see elsewhere.

Case in point: This new DVD boxset of all the Kommissar X movies that will come out on December 10.

It is available from Film- und Fernsehjuwelen and collects all seven titles including the very last one -  Kommissar X jagt die roten Tiger aka The Tiger Gang (directed by none other than Harald Reinl) - that had previously been incredibly difficult to get a hold of and had so far eluded me.

Alas, there are - you guessed it - neither English language dubs nor subs. Upon request the company told me that they usually would add foreign language material, however, in the case of these films it hadn't been made available to them.

Well, I for one am excited to get a copy of this edition but, yes, getting decent looking English friendly prints will need to wait for another little while from the looks of it.

Orders can be taken from the company website or via Amazon DE.

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